Wherecom users service terms

Wherecom reminds users to carefully read and full understood all the terms of Wherecom Account Registration Agreement (hereinafter the agreement), including the exclusion or limitation  Wherecom disclaimer and restrictions terms on the rights of the user, in particular legal provisions, dispute resolution and so on. Unless you accept all terms of our privacy policy, you have no right to register and apply wherecom account and its service.

1、Wherecom account ownership belongs to Wherecom team. After complete the registration, users will obtain the rights to use it.
2、Only the initial registrant has the rights to use Kids watch account. It is prohibited to present, loan, lease, transfer or sale. If the user is not initial registrant, Wherecom has the rights to recall the account without notifying the user if we found the user is not the initial register and we do not need to bear the legal responsibility including but not limited to the resulting user communications interruption, users information borne by the users themselves.
3、Users can use the corresponding service offered by wherecom through registering an account with wherecom. Users must comply with the terms and conditions while using the service offered.
4、Users assume the custodial responsibility of Wherecom account and its password, and take full responsibility for all activities on their account and password. Users take the custodial responsibility of wherecom account and password as well as activities under account use in full.
5、If Wherecom account is lost or you forgot password, please follow the appeal request to retrieve account and password. Wherecom password’s retrieve mechanism only identifies SMS verification, but cannot identify whether the claimant is the really account users. If the account is false complaint of and caused any loss, Users have the responsibly to custody use ID and password. Wherecom doesn’t assume any responsibility for this. Users can retrieve account by appealing when they lost account or forgotten password.
6、If registrant doesn’t use account for a long time, Wherecom has the rights to reclaim the account in case of wasting resources. The user will take full responsibility in losses, including but not limit to device information, user information etc.
7、The place of signing the agreement is Shenzhen. The interpretation, effectiveness and dispute settlement of the agreement are applicable to the law of People’s Republic of China. Any disputes or controversy arise between the user and wherecom will be initially settled by friendly negotiation or submit to the People’s Court of Shenzhen where wherecom located after getting user’s consent.
8、www.wherecom.com。 Any other outstanding issues, users can contact the wherecom customer service line at 4007881230 and website at www.wherecom.com